2013 Goals and Hopes

New Years Goals

Well, we all made it to the New year!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!  I am not big on making goals and making them happen.  But I am trying to be better and do better.  We have fallen off the wagon on many things in our lives and I am ready to get back on with most of them.  I have made a few executive decisions on how my house will run and what we will be doing after the baby comes.  I decided I am tired of eating junk.  so I am trying to get back to the planning and cooking and eating healthy again.  This will go into full effect after the baby comes of course, but I am going to start now doing what I can.  I have other goals as well.  I am not going to be setting unreachable goals, but I am going to be setting goals.

2013 Goals


  1. Clean dishes daily
  2. Do laundry daily unless there isn’t enough for a load
  3. do weekly cleaning to maintain a clean home


  1. read scriptures daily
  2. have daily prayer
  3. teach my children through example about the gospel


  1. Be more in control of my temper
  2. Find happiness in simplicity
  3. Have Balance contentment ( be content with my current situation while doing things to get where I want to go)


  1. Post 4 times a week (mon-thursday)
  2. Work from a plan and have well planned posts
  3. Build a community on the blog with more comments and knowing more about you as the readers.

I am trying to make them simple and easily managed.  I am not wanting to get overwhelmed especially with the baby coming soon.

What are some of your goals and hopes for the year????

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  1. My patience was tested yesterday… good thing I made the goal to be more in control…. 😉

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