4 Reasons Why Iphone is Better for Busy Moms

This post on 4 reasons why iPhone is better for busy moms is sponsored by Verizon I resisted getting a smartphone for a lot of years.  I liked the simple phones, and I didn’t ant to get stuck on my phone instead of being with my family.  But when my husband started law school, and […]

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8 Fun Thanksgiving Activities To Keep Kids Occupied

Are you expecting children at your table this Thanksgiving season? If so, you might be looking for fun Thanksgiving activities to make their dining experience a little more fun. Making your Thanksgiving feast child-friendly doesn’t have to be time or budget consuming. Instead, just give these fun Thanksgiving activities a try. Below you will find 8 fun […]

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The Muppet Show Inspired KERMIT Breakfast Quesadilla

The Muppet show is a family favorite of ours and has been since I was young and watched “Muppet Babies”.  You watched that right?? “Muppet Babies, they’ll make your dreams come true…”

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Celebrate the Central Valley with McFarland USA

  My family has been in the Fresno CA area for over 15 years.  Until I found out about the release of Disney’s McFarland USA, I never had any idea something so amazing happened in the central valley!


Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review And Activity Sheets

I asked my husband to write this review because well, lets be real, this movie is SO his kind of movie and SO not mine.  I watch them though because it is something he loves.  I thought the movie was ok, but I knew he would do the movie justice better then me.  So here […]

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