Edible Thanksgiving Kids Craft: Teepees

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Thanksgiving Kids Craft

Thanksgiving morning can be crazy and there is always lots of things happening. This thanksgiving kids craft is a great way to keep kids occupied and give them a little snack to keep their fingers out of the dinner foods! These adorable ice cream cone teepees are great for using as representation of the indians […]

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Getting Outside, Even In The Heat

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Getting Your Kids Outside When It is Hot

This is a sponsored post, I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own. It is summer and while for most places that means it is a time of playing outside and climbing trees, for us it is a time of scorching heat and sweat dripping of you when you go get the […]

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Fresh and Easy Quick Meals Saved My Day!

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normal life

Thank you to Fresh & Easy for sponsoring this post and keeping my meals quick and healthy! Summer has been crazy for us.  We have moved and been trying to purge a lot of our things we had in our garage in Southern California.  Not to mention the over 100 degree weather that we have […]


Potty Training Tales for Moms of Boys

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Potty training for boys

This post is sponsored Savings.com Potty training is NOT my favorite thing to do as a parent.  It is actually my absolute LEAST favorite thing.  When I started to have kids, I had plans for everything.  I planned their routine during the day, how I would feed them.  I didn’t think about potty training much. […]

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Am I Alienating My Child?

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My son is almost 8.  He has never seen a marvel movie, he has never seen episode 1,2,or 3 of Star Wars and he is not allowed to watch any shows on Cartoon Network or Sponge Bob.  He also has never seen or heard of skylanders, and we don’t have anything minecraft (gasp!) Am I […]

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