Babo Botanicals Organic Haircare Review and Giveaway!!!!

Reagan and Babo

When I was young, I spent a whole lot of time in the pool.  I have always had blonde hair.  In fact, when I was really young it was almost white.  Yes, I was a toe head.  While everyone loves babies with hair like that, it came with it’s own struggles.  blonde hair is a […]


How Happy Family Foods Saved My Sanity and a Giveaway!

#happyfamily #happygiveaway

This past year has been a crazy one for our family.  Between homeschooling, Quinn’s medical issues and now moving.  We have had some crazy stress in our house.  This has caused me to change a lot about the way our family functioned.  Most of my decisions were based on survival. On top of Quinn’s upper […]


Neat: Vegan Meat Substitute Review And Giveaway

Neat Foods Giveaway

While I was at the Natural Products Expo a couple weeks ago.  I met a few people with this amazing new product called Neat.  They offered me a taste of their mexican flavor on a chip.  I was thinking it was taco meat so I jumped on it because if you know me, you know […]


$45 in Natural and Organic Product Coupons Giveaway!!!

natural product coupon giveaway

While I was at the natural products expo I was able to taste and try a TON of new products.  I can honestly say I am sold on some of them and they will be part of our home from now on.  But as a bonus as I was walking around I was able to […]


Eat Healthier When You Eat Out With Del Taco Turkey Taco! **Giveaway**

Del Taco Turkey Taco #letstalkturkey

We have been trying to eat healthier at our house.  We are currently on sugar detox and I can honestly say it has been so hard for me too get through the night without eating something sweet.  Mmmm, sweets….  ANYWAYS! When I heard about the turkey tacos at Del Taco, I thought it was a […]

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