We Are Now a Homeschool Family

Wow, what a year this has been for my son.  I can honestly say I never thought we would have this kind of a school experience.  Before I say anything more about it I want to first say that I don’t judge anyone for their school decisions for their families.  I think some public schools […]


My Hero – My Dad

I am doing a little something different this year for Memorial Day.  I want to tell you about my hero, my dad. My dad was born in 1948 and lived most of his young life in Utah.  He grew up with a brother and 2 sisters.  He was the youngest.  As he grew he did […]


Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas!

I just wanted to take minute out of the day to say Happy Valentines Day!!!  I hope you have so much fun loving those around you and feeling loved b others! Today is a great day for many and I wanted to be sure you have a resource to get some last minute coupons and […]

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32 weeks… or am I????

*excuse the horrible picture. I had too have my 6 year old take it as my hubby was at work.* I wanted to give you a preggo update as it has been a while since I have said anything about it.  If you have been around a while you know that this pregnancy has been […]

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Dunna, Dunna, Dunna, Dunna, Dun…..


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