Disneynature Wings Of Life Review

Wings of Life Review

My daughter Reagan LOVES nature videos.  She can’t get enough of documentaries about nature and the way it all works.  So when I was given the opportunity to get an advanced copy of Disneynature’s new movie that comes out today on disney blu ray, Wings of Life, I was super excited to do it and to surprise my little girl.

I thought this would be a movie just for her, but I was wrong.  This wings of life film is a movie for the whole family.  The shots of birds, butterflies and other flying animals and insects are amazing!  They were able to capture a side of these animals I have never seen.  One where they were working, playing and enjoying the great gifts they have each been given.  It is amazing how each of these things work together to make the world function.

There is a scene in the movie where it shows a bee as it collects pollen and cross pollinates different flowers that eventually become food.  I realized at that point just how important these flying insects truly are.  How without even one part of the puzzle life would be completely different and we would be left without those things.

My daughter loved the part where it showed the life cycle of a butterfly.  She loved watching it make its cocoon and watching it become the beautiful monarch.  I was surprised to find out that she even knew the names of the different stages as it transformed!

This movie is one I think every family should own and watch with their kids it is full of beautiful vibrant colors and with give every parent a great opportunity to have some good educational talks with their child.

Here is a sneak peak of a great clip that shows a portion of the humming birds life and duty.

Be sure to go and get your copy TODAY!  Be sure to check out amazon.com movies and tv to get the best price!  It is worth every penny you will spend and create priceless times with your family as you watch these amazing creatures!

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I was given an advanced copy of this movie to provide this review.  All opinions are mine and were completely honest.

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