Food Maxx Coupon and Price Matching Policy

Food Maxx Coupon and Price Matching Policy

Food Maxx Coupon and Price Matching Policy

I had a talk with Save Mart Corporate office yesterday.  Save Mart owns Food Maxx ,so they are your contact for any problems you have.  I have heard conflicting things about the price matching and couponing at Food Maxx and I have looked at their website and wasn’t able to find anything that told me rules or policies that you could take to the store with you.  So I decided to call and get the answers we need.

The fact is, they have no price matching or coupon policy in writing.  I personally find that very frustrating as you have no guidelines or rules that you can follow.  But I asked a few questions and so I have some answers.  If you have any other questions I have a direct line I can get answers from.  So please leave any questions you have in the comments.

Here are a few points for you to be aware of:

  • Food Maxx price matches all ads except those stores that have cards.  Unfortunately this means that they don’t price match Vons/Safeway ads.  I have had them match that ad though and when I brought that up, the answer was that they leave the choice up to the manager to what they will accept and what they wont.  So if you are in a store and they don’t price match something ask for he store manager.  what they say goes.  Also if you know if one manager that accepts it and the other that doesn’t, you may want to shop when that manager is there.
  • Food Maxx Matches competitor coupons.  I have had a few people tell me that their store didn’t match them.  The official policy is to accept them, but again, it is up to the manager.
  • When matching prices you must have the ad.  I am pretty sure you have to have the printed ad in this case.  When I have price matched, they have always taken the ad after they matched the transaction.  I am not sure if this is policy though, so I would always try to have the printed ad just in case
  • Price matches must match the item exactly.  This means the brand, size and everything else about the advertised price must be the same.  Store brand items can not be price matched (but again is up to the manager to make the final call).
  • Meats must be price matched with a meat man before you go to the checkout and must be the same item as in the ad. (some wiggle room is left to this, but the cuts are usually named the same thing)

As for coupons:

  • They accept all manufacturers coupons
  • They accept competitor coupons as long as they don’t require a card to use them (Vons/Safeway)
  • They accept store coupons from their ads.
  • one store and one manufacturer coupon for each item
  • since they have no club cards, no ecoupons can be used.
  • They have catalina machines there, so they accept those coupons.

Again most things are left up to each manager.  So if you have more then 1 Food Maxx and one manager isn’t coupon or price matching friendly, and the other is friendly, you will want to go to the store with the friendlier manager.  The lady I talked with stressed the fact that they encourage the managers to be concerned that every customer gets an enjoyable shopping experience so they encourage them to use their best judgment in what would be ok for them to do with price matching and coupons.

If you have any other questions please let me know.  I just wanted to get an unofficial coupon and price matching policy written up here so you all have some guidelines to work off of when you go to a store.

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Food Maxx Coupon and Price Matching Policy



  1. Went yesterday in the day time and they refused to take my Fresh and Easy Coupon even though there is a huge sign when you enter saying they take other store coupons. This was a different manager than I normally get. I’ve even talked to the main manager named Dan or Don W and threw his name out there and they still would not budge. They drive me crazy. Just had to vent. Thanks.

    • This is what bothers me about not having a coupon policy in writing. What location is that? I would call customer service and let them know. they need to train their employees on the policy if they aren’t going to have it in writing somewhere.

      • They do have a policy. Type in Food maxx coupon policy and its there. BUT, FOOD MAXX customer service is extremely horrible and they are bias against couponers. My daughter went in with a coupon for progresso. Buy four and get $1 off. We seen they had marked Progresso down to .50 a can so she grabbed 16 of them. We had two coupons and the rest we were getting at .50 each. The manager named Terry had a huge fit and made a seen loudly asking coworkers, “what does she want, us to give her money too”. She did this in front on my 19 year old daughter, humiliating an embarrassing her. I was not there, or I would have ripped her face off! So anyway, we DO NOT shop at FoodMaxx anymore. Corporate did nothing about it because she LIED and said we tried to use $1 off coupon for a .50 item. My daughter said she didn’t even look at the coupon. FoodMaxx workers are as ghetto as they come. Id advise any couponer to stay away from them. They do price match, but will refuse to price match to a store that is 15 minutes away. I don’t know, they are unprofessional and unorganized. After Terry yells and embarrasses my daughter, she storms in front of the store and smokes a cigarette, IN FRONT of the store. OMG!

  2. I stopped shopping at FoodMaxx because it was just becoming a little unpleasant with coupons because the cashiers were a little rude about it. I’m thinking it was a year ago I e-mailed FoodMaxx about their policy and all they sent was a message stating they were sorry that they didn’t have one available. I know I could call and do all this other stuff to get my way, but if they don’t want my business, they don’t want my business!

    • I totally understand what you are saying. you have to do what works for you. I have talked with corporate a couple times and my hope is that if enough people call them they will get the idea that they need at least a simple written coupon policy.

  3. newatthis says:

    What is their policy on doubling your coupon? Do they do that? If not who does?

    • No stores in the Fresno area double coupons. there are only a few select locations of Safeway stores that do in the state of California.

  4. avshorty says:

    does foodmaxx double coupons

  5. Hi,

    Do you think they would take target store coupons?

    • According to corporate they take all competitor coupons. Since Target has grocery Items I would think they would, but each store is different, so I would check at your local store.

  6. Crystal says:

    I am new to this whole couponing concept. Im curious if Food Maxx has “Double Coupon” days? I’ve been over their entire website and found nothing.

    • It does not have double coupons. The only stores in California that double are some Vons in Southern CA, Some Safeway in Northern CA and Raley’s stores.

  7. jennifer says:

    do you know if any safeway/smart and final/ foodmaxx in fremont or san jose area accepts mfr cpn and even doubles?

    • All of those stores accept manuf. coupons. safeway is the only one that may double, you will have to ask the manager as each safeway is slightly different on if they double or not.

  8. Samantha says:

    Raley’s no longer doubles coupons.

    • Food Maxx and Raley’s are 2 different stores. But some Raley’s location still double coupon, it just depends on your local store.

  9. Just to clarify, when you say Food Maxx doesn’t take e-coupons, do you mean all manufacturer’s coupons printed from the computer?


    • e-coupons are clipless coupons you load to your store card. since Food Maxx doesn’t have a store card, there are no ecoupons for the store. The coupons you are talking about are called printable coupons. These are accepted at Food Maxx

  10. I was at food maxi last week and they took my fresh and easy coupon. Four days later they refused. I was irritated. I went to fresh and easy today come to find out you check and bag your own groceries there. They are def competing w food maxi for that matter. I’m gonna take my iPad into the store next week and show them this site.

  11. I have recently started ad matching at Food Maxx. I have already saved hundreds of dollars! I encourage everybody to do this! I have had alot of trouble at the store though. I have definitely figured out the best times to shop at the store, who’s line to avoid, and what questions to ask and not ask. I absoloutely agree that they should have a written policy, that way everyone is on the same page. Do you have any updates regarding that?

    • No, They still don’t have one, but I have known people who have called cooperate while in the store so the manager could hear them say what the policy is.

  12. Just spoke with a manager. He was very nice and wanted my feedback.
    I think the main thing is to speak directly to the store manager and make sure you know what deals the accept and what deals they don’t. Hopefully this will help everyone. I know my future shopping experiences will be better from now on!

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