Food Maxx Price Matching Deals 9/29

*** I will not be doing the match ups this week due to the baby being born, but I wanted to remind you of the price match coupon policy and price matching policy.  Also I am on the hunt for the written coupon policy from Food Maxx.  if you have it or have seen it please let me know.  I have emailed Food Maxx and have gotten no response so far.***

Food Maxx Price Matches any ad in your area, so be sure you are comparing the prices they have with the really cheap stores ad’s and then you can do your shopping all in 1 place!

I wanted to put a list of the good deals in the ads I get each week that aren’t the “regulars” I shop at.  Then If you want to take the ads into Food Maxx to get the best deals on these items you can.

Food Maxx takes competitor coupons and Manufacturers coupons, so be sure you have all your coupons matched up to be able to get the best deals.

**If you find this list useful please take a moment and vote for me in the Deal Pro competition.  Your votes will help me to improve to bring you more deals and save more money!***

Local ads–

Foods Co:

Vallarta Market:

Fresh and Easy:

$3 off $30 purchase coupon in ad



  1. I just wanted to know if we can double coupons or if I’m from another state and I have ads here, can I take my ads with me to price match it, or not?

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