Food Storage Friday!!!!!

Food Storage Item of the week is Brownies, or desert.  there are a few places that has them on a special deal right now.  the Duncan Hines brownie mix from Vons are buy 2 get 3 free.  There are also $1/2 coupons if yous till have them.  they were from the 2/1 insert. 

Walmart also had Pilsbury Brownies for $1.00 in their $1.00 aile near the garden center. 

Winco also had the betty crocker brownies on sale for just over a dollar last week.  there are $1.00/2 coupons From the betty crocker mailers.

Most people have never heard of having a “Food Storage”.  So when I say I am building my food storage they look a me like I am a chipmunk or something and storing for the winter.  Well, that is kind of the idea.  But when you are storing it, it is for an emergency, natural disaster, or a time when you don’t have money due to a job loss or some other kind of issue.

When you coupon, you are building your stock pile.  This is the same thing as a food storage, but a food storage also has another purpose.  It is there to be a long term storage that will last you a month, 3 months, a years and so on.  So you need to have things in your storage that will last that long.

This type a storage is important to me for a few reasons, First off because it is something the Leaders of my church and the Lord has asked me to do.  I believe that the leaders of my church are inspired.  I believe they know better then me and they will never ask us to do something that isn’t important for my salvation.  They have asked for years for people to have a food storage for emergencies.  Some people have listened and it has been amazing to see the blessings, Others haven’t listened and haven’t been prepared.  I want to be prepared, so I am choosing to listen.

The second reason I feel it is important is because it brings me great peace to know that my family will be fed in a natural disaster, if my husband looses his job, or if a sickness were to take over our area.  I have no doubt that we will have enough food to feed us for at least a month.  Knowing that helps me to not feel as scared when layoffs start happening to those around me, or a whole city shuts down ( like Mexico City has due to the Swine Flu).  I would be able to make what savings we have stretch further or I will be able to not go out of the house, because I am prepared with my storage to use if needed.

The third reason I feel it is important is because it helps me to stretch myself and learn to like different things and to cook different things.  I think it is easy to become redundant in dinner making.  There are times when we get into a rut and make the same things all the time, then we end up getting burnt out and not wanting to cook anymore.  That leads us to convenient high priced foods that are very unhealthy.  Because I am using my storage regularly to keep it rotated, I am learning new things to cook.  I am also learning what works together in cooking and what doesn’t.  This is keeping cooking interesting for me and helping me to keep exercising my mind.

Can you think of any more reasons you would need a food storage??  why is it important to you?

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  1. Are you Mormon? I only ask because my neighbor in Germany told me that in the Mormon Church they are encouraged to have a years supply of food on hand. Always thought it was kinda cool.

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