How A Sunny Day Can Help You Save Money

I LOVE to save money.  It is something that is just part of my personality.  I feel physical pain spending money.  But This month as I sat down to do my budget I began to wonder what it will be like to have enough money to do whatever I want with it.

Goals give us the motivation to do what we want and need with our money.

For the last 10 years of my life I lived on almost nothing.  While I have loved the ability to accomplish that, we are making good money right now.  We make about $5,000 a month!!!!  When we are used to living on $1800 a month this seems like a fortune!!!  But we can’t be free with our money because we are in debt.  #bondage

Because I am the nerd when it comes to making a budget it has fallen on me to make the amount we have work.  I am not complaining.  I am totally ok with it, but I feel a lot of pressure to make $200 a month on groceries stretch, to budget as little as I can for the things we can control in our budget.  I feel a lot of pressure to make our loan payments as high as possible.  Mind you, this is mostly my idea to make huge sacrifices and pay huge amounts on loans so we can be done with them in 5 or less years.  This is my mind that makes that want to happen.  My husband would be content to travel and do other things with our money while stretching out the loans to 10 years.  But I just can’t do that while I have this cloud over my head.

So I wonder sometimes, why am I the one to put so much pressure on myself?  It is because I know how much happier I am without the cloud.  I know how much easier it was to focus on my marriage, to focus on my kids and just meeting needs.  So I CANNOT wait until the day when I don’t have that cloud anymore!  I can’t wait for the time when we can do what I want with my money.

I was talking with a friend of mine and I was telling her that I can’t wait until the time when I can put $600 in the grocery budget column just because I can!  When I can budget for a vacation with just my husband and I, when I can budget for a lunch with a friend, or eating out as a family again.  All of this just because we have the money we make and can do WHATEVER WE WANT WITH IT!!!!!  #freedom

Sometimes when you are saving money people often talk about how you should be saving for a rainy day.  I think it is SO important to be prepared.  That preparation takes SO much stress off of you and your finances.  It is important to focus in that for a short time each month.  That is why it is important to get your emergency fund and save for things that WILL happen in your future.  But I think the motivation to keep going comes from the focus on your sunny days.

That sunny day can be anything you are moving towards. Any goal you have.  If you want to save money for something, pay off debt, or to stop living paycheck to paycheck.  For me it is the goal to have the freedom to do what I want with my money.  That is what keeps me going.  That is the financial motivation that keeps me pressing forward and paying off as much as we can!  That is my sunny day!

What sunny days are you working toward? What is your motivation for saving and/or paying off debt?

At SunTrust Bank their purpose is lighting the way to financial well-being. When you feel confident about your money, you can save for your goals and spend knowingly on what matters most to you.  They know we all live for the sunny days and want to you help you live yours.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust. The opinions and text are all mine.

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