Save your Jeans That Don’t Fit Right With This Tutorial!

how to shrink your waist band on your pants

How to shrink your waist band on your pants

I Am SO excited right now!!  I have found the answer to all my wardrobe problems… ok, maybe not all, but a big hassle that I have had to live with my whole life anyways.

I was cursed blessed with larger thigh muscles then most.  (not saying I am strong… cause I am not, just have the large legs.. Thanks Dad!)  My whole life this curse has haunted me.  As I find the perfect jeans that fit my thighs, they are HUGE around the waist.  I have learned to wear belts and learned the pull and bend technique and I an super skilled at it.

What is the pull and bend technique?  You know the one where you pull up your pants as you bend over or squat so you don’t flash crack to everyone around you… you don’t know that move???  It is just me… oh. 😉

Anyways, this tutorial on how to shrink your waist band on your pants has made me quite inspired that I too can have jeans that fit me in the waist and the thighs!!  I haven’t tried it yet as the method kind of scares me, but I am determined to do it after my hubby is done with school for the semester and I can send him to the park with the kids so I can scream at my attempts until I get the finished product.

Who is trying it and saving their pants for more use????

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