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Simple Living Challenge

As I have been figuring out what our goals were for the Simple Living Challenge I realized that I needed to know what my goal for my family was.  did I want a family that loved to play together, loved Heavenly Father above all else or did I want a family that was independent and able to be alone.  Did I want to have a clean house as a priority or did I want a family that plays more then cleans.

I realize that some of the goals can coexist, but I had to narrow it down.  So I decided my goal for my family would be that I wanted a family who loved God, lived his Gospel, values family and valued living well.

To do this I needed to make some goals for our home.  This includes:

  • keeping it clean to make it a place the spirit can dwell.
  • A place where we spend time with family doing activities to foster lasting relationships
  • a simplistic place that doesn’t get taken over by stuff

My goals for myself include:

  • knowing how to live well in my space without things
  • Loving life without looking toward the next thing
  • living life with my family goal in mind
  • having a more structured life

Goals for my kids:

  • Learn to make their beds and have chores
  • build relationships with each other

What are your goals for the Simple Living Challenge?? share them in the comments or link them up in the linky!

Simple Living Challenge

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