Spring Fashion Colors 2013

Spring fashion colors

With the baby due soon, I am super excited to get back int o thrift store shopping and to start inspiring me and hopefully you, here are the spring fashion colors for this year!  My newest goal is to try to buy things more in fashion with the spring fashion trends as upposed to things that just look good.  While there will still be staples in my wardrobe, I want to learn to use the in style accessories and such to accent the staples.

I LOVE the spring fashion colors for 2013.  It is the perfect mix of pastels and jewel tones.

My favorite of the colors in the poppy red.  I think it will be a great statement color with any outfit!  I think you will also see it as a show color often as well.

I also like the Emerald, Lemon Zest, Nectarine and Monaco Blue.  I can’t wait to see the spring fashion that we will see in these colors.  I am most excited for the types of shirts.  I have heard there is a lot of ruffles this year!  Just a touch of accent and femininity.

What trends are you excited about in 2013?  What color is your favorite of the season? 

Check out how you can use these colors in your frugal fashion wardrobe

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