Sprouts Coupon Policy – October 2011

As I was looking for sprouts coupon policy I noticed that on their website it is no where to be found.  So I decided to email the company and ask if they had one.  Well, I got a response!!!!  They were very quick too.  So here is the email I got.  This is their official coupon policy but I have put XXXX in place of the last name of the representative.

Coupon Acceptance
April 28,2011

  • We accept manufacturers coupons, Online coupons (please leave the page whole as is printed
  • from the website) we do not have a Sprouts Loyalty Card.
  • We do have store coupons. Please go to the website www.sprouts.com on the home page you
  • will see a mailbox click there and enter your e-mail address, sign up for the newsletter and ad.
  • Once a month coupons will be sent. Usually they are for a free item. There is a statement on the
  • coupon “ the coupon cannot be combined with any other offer” which would eliminate using a
  • manufacturer coupon with the Sprouts coupon
  • We do not exclude a coupon if it is above $5 off, BOGO offer, free item coupons, on free items
  • the customer is required to pay any tax unless otherwise stated on the coupon.
  • We will accept black and white coupons off the internet (please leave the page whole as is
  • printed from the website) the cashier will then know it is not a copy.
  • We do not match competitor’s prices or accept competitor’s coupons.
  • If the coupon exceeds the value of the item the coupon will be worth the value of the item.
  • We do not limit the number of coupons per transaction.
  • Manufacturer’s coupons are one coupon for each item. You cannot use one manufacturer’s
  • coupon for 3 jars. one coupon one jar
  • We do not double or triple
  • If the store runs a BOGO on a product you are only purchasing one product so one
  • manufacturer’s coupon is allowed.

Most retail grocery stores will follow the manufacturer’s requirements written on the face of the
coupon as these rules must be followed to insure reimbursement.

All Sprouts stores are to follow this information given at training,

Thank you, I hope this is helpful


Customer Relations

Sprouts Farmers Market


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