Guest Post: Lower Your Budget, Not Your Standards

One of the biggest myths in saving money is that you have to give up everything you love. How many budget experts or debt reduction specialists have told you to just give up your Starbucks each week and you’ll have money in the bank? While you can certainly save a ton of money by not […]

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Cut The Costs And Keep The Change: Part 6

A way that I have helped myself recently with spending money is to ask myself 5 questions with just about every purchase I make.  They questions are: 1. Do I really NEED that? 2. It is worth the amount I will pay? ( mentally, physically, and emotionally) 3. Can I afford this? 4. Is there anything […]

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Cut The Costs And Keep The Change: Part 2

One of the biggest changes I made to my life in the past few months was changing to a cash system.  We use envelopes to store our cash and we shop with cash only.  Whatever amount of money a week I have budgeted in, I get out and use it to make all my budgeted purchases. […]


Cut the Costs and Keep the Change: Part 1

As I looked at our budget to see where else we could cut costs to save more money, there was 1 thing I had to constantly be asking myself.  Is this a NEED or a WANT.  I had to do some searching within myself, but I realized that we had a lot of wants labeled […]

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