The Muppet Christmas Carol 20th Anniversary to be Released Nov. 6 2012

My family has always been Muppet people.  From the time I was little I remember sitting around watching them on TV.  Then came the Muppet Babies.  I watched them EVERYDAY!  I am sad to see that my kids have grown up to the point they have without the Muppets really in their lives.  They are seriously missing out!

So I was super excited to find out that The Muppets Christmas Carol is going to be released again for the 20th anniversary of the movie coming out!  This is a great show to have in your collection for Christmas!  it is a great depiction of the Christmas classic A Christmas Carol.  It is great for kids because there aren’t really scary parts, and it teaches a great message for the kids!  If you haven’t seen this before check out this clip!


Be sure to check it out as it comes out today!

Amazon has it on sale for $22.05 for a special 3 disc combo pack! So get it now before the price goes up!!!


Disclaimer: I have been provided a copy of this movie to post this review. All opinions are my own.

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