Women’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

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The runway trends may not be what you are looking for to have in your closet, but I think the fashion on the runway influences so much in fashion.  So I thought I would highlight the things that are new this year to woman’s fashion so you could be on the the look out for items you could use in your wardrobe as you shop the thrift stores and the garage sales!

Women’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2013

Black and white

Black and white patterns are big this summer.  You will see all kinds of varieties of this, including Cheverons.  Cheverons are a big print this year as well.


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The 60’s are coming back with a new twist.  Some of the patterns and colors will be changing, but the general shape of the 60’s clothing are going to be seen a lot this year.  Such as this dress


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This brush stroke pattern is another new pattern you are going to see a lot of this year.  It is mostly on shirts and dresses and skirts.

flower accents

Appliquéd flowers are also a big trend this year.  This is mostly on dresses and tops.  But I think this is one style that you will see span from Jewelry to tops to even embellishment on shoes.


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Large Flowing ruffles are also hitting the runway.  This is a nice feminine touch.  I think you will see a lot of this on tops and dresses.  and most of the tops will be able to be worn under blazers and jackets.


Photos from Fashionising and The Budget Fashioinista

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