Zaycon Foods: Slow Cooked Ham and Uncooked Bacon $3.29/lb

Zaycon Foods

Zaycon Foods (the drive through meat market) is having another meat sale!  I went to the last pick up and was happy with what I got.  This time they are having ham that has been slow cooked and uncooked bacon, each for $3.29/lb

If you sign up and find out that your area isn’t having this sale, be sure you still put in your account your location and sign up for the emails because you will be emailed as sales come up for the different meat products in your location.  If there is no pick up location in your city or close to you still encourage others in your area to sign up because when enough people in an areasign up they will schedule a drop off in your area.

You will want to create an account now and get your Ham and/or Bacon ordered ASAP.  They also have ground beef and other meat products that they rotate through.   Here is the info on their website.

Zaycon Foods


  • High quality, medium-cut hickory smoked sliced bacon (14-18 slices per pound)
  • Order includes two 15-lb cases with two 7.5-lb packages per case (Total order size is 30-lbs)
  • Premium, high-quality and consistent, this hickory-smoked bacon has a wonderful flavor and represents a great value for families
  • Easy to share with a friend if you do not think you can use the entire case


  • This Ham is made from fresh outside muscles only, for excellent flavor and texture, slow smoked with real apple wood to give the ham a unique true smoked flavor.
  • With less than 10g of fat per 100g the USDA has approved this ham as LEAN, with this special cure there is no MSG, this ham is completely boneless, meaning higher yields and easily carved from end to end.
  • The Ham is packaged by the case this includes two 10lb hams that are individually vacuum sealed and has guaranteed freshness up to 100 days.

So if you don’t want that much meat get a couple people together and share the meat after you pick it up!  Then you each get a great deal!

When you go to pick up your box, you will get it quickly and you don’t even have to get out of your car!  Line up your car and hang out until it is your turn.  You bring it home and unpack and freeze your meat.  Then take it out as you need it.

Order now as orders close October 7th or when they sell out.  I missed the last one because I waited and didn’t get it in before it sold out.

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