Valentine Card Tree Decoration

Just like Christmas, Valentines is a time for cards and love notes.  While we love them, they sometimes become clutter in our home.  I was inspired when I saw this “tree of love” idea, but I think I will change it up a bit to make it more of a functional decoration.  A Valentines Card […]

Frugal Christmas Tree Decoration

I was on Pintrest and saw this absolutely CUTE Christmas tree decoration that can be made mostly from things inside your house! Next year I will be making this for our house (our Christmas stuff is in my mom’s attic until after we move.)  We already have the tomato cage that you need to make […]

Frugal Halloween Decoration Idea: Ghost Lights!

I just found the CUTEST idea for some frugal Halloween decorations.  I was thinking about the milk jug skeleton I saw last year the day of Halloween and I decided to check out pinterst for some ideas and I found the cutest Idea to make these milk Jug ghost lights!  It is super easy and […]

Frugal Gift Box Idea

If you need a few boxes and don’t want to spend a dime on them this is for you.  A friend of mine showed me this and I thought it was the most genius idea ever!  You can do this with any size box and it looks so much nicer then just using that box […]

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