Healthy Recipe: Banana Waffles

Banana Waffles Recipe I love waffles!  I especially love it when they are super simple and a homemade healthy meal!.  I love these because they are really moist and they use up old bananas and I don’t have to just keep making tons of banana bread. Enjoy!!! What are your favorite toppings on waffles? Be […]

Snowman Donuts: An Easy Christmas Morning Breakfast

I always hated the stomach grumble in my tummy after opening gifts on Christmas.  I always wondered why we didn’t eat breakfast first.  As I grew older, we started to make family breakfast first and then opening gifts.  It made gift opening so much more enjoyable, and I loved that I could begin to use my […]

Whole Wheat Pancakes Recipe

photo credit: aMichiganMom This is a recipe I found online a bit ago and changed a lot.  I tend to do that with my recipes to fit them to what we have or what we use.  This is a very frugal recipe and it is really healthy as well.  We make it around once a […]

Healthy Sweet Potato Pancakes Recipe

This week I wanted to share a recipe I first found in Deceptively delicious, but I adapted it a bit so it was more like sweet potatoes. That way we are getting more veggies while still having something the kids love to eat! Sweet Potato Pancakes 1 cup water 3/4 cup sweet potato puree 1/4 […]

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