Yogurt Cheese Cake Recipe

  This last week I got a ton of greek yogurt from Dannon.  While my kids love it, I like to try new recipes when I get such good deals.  You never know what type of things you could get from it.  So when I saw this recipe I had to try it.  sadly I […]

Blueberry Squares Frugal Recipe

  This is the easiest recipe you will ever find!  These taste great too!  It is a great recipe to use when you have all those cake mixes stocked up in your house!  Free or nearly free cake mixes of course. Try it for dessert for your family this weekend.   Blueberry Squares 1 package […]

Frugal Baked Apples Recipe

This week on A Season of Cooking I am talking about apple recipes.  A little known fact about me, I am allergic to fresh apples.  I can’t eat them without my throat swelling up.  I know scary!  So why would I want to do apples for this weeks ingredient? Easy, I LOVE them.  I know […]

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