How to Organize Your Recipes by Season

  To be able to cook in season it takes a lot of discipline.  you have to change your way of thinking about food and cooking it.  You have to say “This fruit or vegetable is in season so what can I cook with it?” instead of “Oh, that recipe looks good, what ingredients will have […]

Homemade Pace Salsa Copy Cat Canning Recipe

  This week on Food Storage Friday we are going to talk about Salsa!!!  As you know I am out of town, but before I went I gathered ll the tomatoes and onion and everything and made salsa and canned it.  I was so happy with how things turned out.  I used a copycat recipe […]

Guest Post: Using Your Leftovers Well

I think we all know that eating leftovers is the number one frugal food tip; it’s the best way to stretch the contents of your fridge, and therefore your grocery budget, and the more responsible way to consume food.  Lately, I’ve found myself surprised at the meals that are concocted from my seemingly bare refrigerator […]

Converting Recipes For Dried Food

This week on Food Storage Friday I want to talk about conversions.  To be able to use your storage for somethings you have to use it in recipes that aren’t written for food storage.  So I wanted to try to get 1 place where you have conversion charts.  I may find what I can right […]

Using Dried Beans in Cooking

This week on Food Storage Friday I want to talk about Beans.  We use beans a couple meals a week.  First off to save money, but also because it is healthy for you not to eat meat every day.  In fact Americans are probably one of the biggest meat eaters in the world.  I am […]

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