Update On Our Garden

I know this seems silly.  but down here in southern California gardens grow year round.  It is nice in some ways and weird in others.  We have never been able to grow things in the winter like we have this winter.  When I was supposed to harvest the carrots they were small so I decided to leave […]

Frugal Fairy Garden

Since it is time to plan the container and raised bed gardens, I thought you guys may like an idea for a fairy garden… My daughter would die if we had this.

Make Your Own Watering Can From a Laundry Detergent Bottle

  Laundry Container Watering Can This is the coolest idea!  I have looked at so many options for watering.  I have just been dragging my hose all the way across the lawn to water my little seedlings.  When I saw this, I was so excited!  So simple and So Frugal! You can recycle laundry detergent […]

Simple Living Challenge Day 12: Gardening

Small Space Gardening If this is your first time reading the Simple Living Challenge, Please check out the rest of the posts! I love to garden!  It is more working the beginning but there is nothing like going out into your yard picking a vegetable and taking it in to cook with.  There is also […]

Organic Gardening Tips

Being healthy and sticking to a budget is possible when you garden! Our family tries to grow the majority of our produce that we eat each year. This is a huge money saver for our family. I pick gallons of fruits and vegetables and then preserve them for my family. There are many different ways […]

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