How Does Your Garden Grow??

I wanted to post a little update for you all to see my garden!!  I love that even though I have a small living area.  I am able to do a small square foot garden outside.  I wanted to share how it was growing and a bit about what I have learned about growing bell […]

Gardening: We Have Growth!

I promised you a while back some new pictures of my garden this year as I am doing a few different things.  So here it is.  I have some growth of veggie already and can’t wait to get more.  We had a couple scares of Fungus this year form the cold, wet weather.  The heat […]

My Garden Update!

Here is the Square Foot Garden!!!  The peppers are all growing great.  We were able to pick a cherry tomato, a green pepper, a wax pepper and a hand full of green beans.  We used the Green papper and green beans for dinner the other night.  I have never had green beans fresh like that. […]

Garden Update!

A friend of mine was giving away some zucchini from her garden and I got one.  and I have never seen zucchini this big!  I heard they exist, but I never had seen one.  so I put it next to my Laptop so you could see how big it really is.  It made me so excited to get some […]

The First Fruits of My Labors!!!!

I was so excited to walk outside this morning and see some fruits on my plants in the garden!!! This is a tomato and a red pepper. The soil I got seems to have some mushrooms in it. If anyone knows how to get rid of those let me know! I am pulling out 5-10 […]

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