How to Get Organized When You are Small Space Living

As I began this year, I realized how important it is to know how to get organized.  We got so far off track and are now working hard to get back to where we were.  I realized though that this is taking a lot longer then it did the first time. I am still 2 […]


Getting Back On Track: What I Have Learned

This has been quite a trial for me as I have had to stop all the frugal living in the house in the name of sanity.  I had no idea what that would do to our pocket book and no idea what it would do to being able to get back on track.  I thought […]


Storing Ground Wheat

Sometimes fridays sneak up on me!  This is one of those fridays!  I just lost track of time and here it is almost 9:00 and I just realized that I needed to post this!!!  I know, I’m a bit absent minded at times. I want to talk abotu storage of wheat after you grind it […]

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