Wheat Questions

I want to know how many of you grind your own wheat? I started doing it a few months back and I can honestly say it tastes better then store bought wheat flour. I was wondering how many of you do the same as it is a great way to save some money buying the wheat and grinding it yourself. It also is really healthy. so here are my questions for you:

1) If you grind your own wheat where do you get the wheat from?

2) how much do you spend per pound for it?

3) What do you use to grind it?

4) what is your favorite thing to make with your wheat flour?

5) do you have any tips on how to gind it finer? ( I have a problem with this at times)

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Leave me your answers in the comments. I hope to learn from you guys somethings I don’t know already!

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  1. I got my grandmother’s wheat grinder a few months ago. It has not been used in over 20 years. I cracked open some of the wheat that we got from my husbands grandmother, probably 40 years old. This morning I ground the wheat and made some whole wheat bread using my mother’s recipe. We’ll see how it all comes out.

    1. how exciting!! I’m excited to hear how it goes!