How Do You Do It?

I get this question quite a bit when people find out the amount of money we live on.  Some of you may know this and some of  you may not, but we live on a very modest income.  Especially for living in the center of CA.  Our area is a little less expensive then San Francisco or LA, but not by much.  So when people find out how much I spend on things or how much we live off of, I always get the same responce… “How do you do it?”

I decided to write a series of posts just on that, how we live our life on so little money without debt.  I can tell you now the things we do are not for everyone, but anyone can do them.  They are very doable for just the average person, it just takes a bit of adjustment.

I want to be sure you are findnig out what you want to know though, so if you have any questions for me or topics you would like me to discuss please leave me a comment with the topic or question and Iw ill do my best to answer or talk about all of them duing the series.

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  1. I’m also in Cen Cal. I’ve been saving a lot on personal products, cleaning products, etc, but I haven’t had much luck with the grocery stores and saving on food. I would love ideas for Fresno : )

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