How Does Your Garden Grow??

I wanted to post a little update for you all to see my garden!!  I love that even though I have a small living area.  I am able to do a small square foot garden outside.  I wanted to share how it was growing and a bit about what I have learned about growing bell peppers.  So here is my garden!

I have 3 cherry tomatoes, 3 roma tomatoes, 1 better boy tomato, 2 zucchini plants, and lots of peppers.  I have 1 pepper that has died, I don’t know what happened to it, it just died. 🙁

So I learned a lot as I searched for what was going on with my peppers.  Peppers need lots of water and while they love sun, they hate it at the same time.  I live in an area where the summer temperatures are over 100 degrees regularly.  they don’t like the harsh direct sunlight this type of weather makes.  So as you can see on the peppers they are getting light spots on them where the sun was damaging them.   So I now have a cover over them so they are slightly shaded and I am seeing if it helps.

I also dug in chicken manure to the garden this year.  Peppers LOVE it.  Tomatoes are loving it too!  I seriously can’t praise this stuff enough. And it is SUPER cheap too.  way cheaper then any other kind of potting soil.  it was less then $150 per bag.  Cow Manure is even cheaper.   It has been so good for the ground.  Loosened up the rock hard dirt I have here and has lots of nutrients in it that help the produce grow. I found in my reading that calcium is a big part of plant growth, especially for produce.  the peppers need it the most.  The manure has tons of this in it so it makes for some pretty good growth on the pepper plant.

I am loving my garden this year.  I finally feel like I am getting my moneys worth!!!

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Do you have a garden??  How is it doing?

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  1. I am in a new region of the country and am trying to figure out how to grow things in this new hot/humid climate. So far all my tomatos and green beans are rotting 🙁 My peppers are doing well though! A few ideas I have learned for pepper nutrients: When you plant them, drop some tips of matches (for sulfer) and some dried, crushed eggshells (for calcium) in the hole you are planting in – cover w/ small layer of dirt then plant pepper plant on top. Later, when flowers form, spray the leaves w/ a little epsom salts mixed in water (for magnesium). All household stuff you probably already have!

    1. Thanks for those tips!! I love when you can use household products to help with gardening!