My Garden Update!

Here is the Square Foot Garden!!!  The peppers are all growing great.  We were able to pick a cherry tomato, a green pepper, a wax pepper and a hand full of green beans.  We used the Green papper and green beans for dinner the other night.  I have never had green beans fresh like that.  they are SO GOOD!!!  No wonder so many people grown their own food!
Here are the hot Fresno Peppers.  They are almost ready to pick!  I will be using them in enchiladas.
Here are the carrots and the green onions
Here are the tomatoes and the 2 zucchini plants.  ( now 1 on each side)
Here is my Zucchini!!!!  I am so excited to have this growing.  I can’t wait for this stuff to grow bigger!!!  I have had so much fun growing it and it is so rewarding.  I hope to do it every year.
There is almost a year round growing season here with the exception of a few months early in the year so it will be net to see what else I can grow.  I have lettuce seeds and a few other fall crops I want to plant.
How are you doing with your garden??  If you have a blog write a post about it and link it here!  If you have no blog, write a comment about it!

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  1. Your garden looks really great. My garden has really been taking off the last couple weeks. Getting blooms on everything. I will be so excited when I can start harvesting!