Nothing In Life Happens As Planned

Well, like most things in life, this move hasn’t happened anything like we had hoped  After hours of packing we realized everything wasn’t going to fit in the van.  So we ended up ditching a of the items we would need like trash cans and other items like that to fit in our clothes and furniture.   We took apart chairs and repacked and got almost everything in.  Then We drove down separately and I ended up staying to finish up a few last minute errands and left hours after I planned.

We arrived at the house to find that our landlord had done nothing that he promised us would be done.  We had a really dirty house, 3 small kids a truck and van full of stuff to unpack and a back door that had no window in it.  needless to say by this time I was so mad.  I was so tired and just wanted to not have to fight to get things done like promised.  I get that when you are frugal sometimes you cut corners, but this was not what I wanted to hear.

So the last couple days have been filled with cleaning each room while moving boxes around and trying to make this a home so my family could feel at home here.  What have I learned from all this??  you have to give and take where you cam.  Get EVERYTHING in writing form your landlord so this doesn’t happen.  Be prepared for everything to go wrong when you are moving, then you can’t get disapointed.  And lastly, family is what is important so do what you need to to keep them safe.

I am exhausted.  I hope you all understand and I will see you again on Monday.  I am pretty sure we will be done with all the cleaning and unpacking by then.



  1. Hi Melissa,

    Sorry to hear the landlord let you down. That is more common than not. Let’s just hope that is the only problem you have with them! Reasonable people WILL understand that you’re tired and need time to recover.

    Hang in there and all will be fine. Your blog and friends online will be ready and waiting for you when you get back.

  2. Take it easy!!! I’m sorry to hear about the landlord not taking care of business 🙁

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