Copycat Chicken Bake Recipe: A Simple Meal For Two or More

Are you looking for a copycat chicken bake recipe that makes chicken bakes that tastes like Costco's? This recipe for chicken bakes is a simple meal for two or more. They are super quick to make and really yummy! you can make the bakes as big or small as you would like and the make great freezer meals!

Have you ever made this copycat chicken bake recipe?  When I was younger, I had to go off dairy for a while.  This meant no Costco chicken bakes.  However, I LOVED them.  So I had to make a way for me to get the same taste without the stuff I could … Continue reading →

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How to Stretch Your Family Food Budget Without Eating Rice And Beans

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Container Gardening Ideas To Make The Most of Your Outdoor Pots and Planters

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