Frugal Valentine Decorations Using Doilies

I saw this Valentines decoration on pintrest and though of what a great idea it is!  You can make this a very frugal valentines decoration by getting doilies at the Dollar store and make this for only a couple dollars.  If you are looking for some other colors, you could use spray paint to cover […]

DIY Spice Storage: Reuse Babyfood Jars

Check out this CUTE idea to reuse baby food jars for spice jars in a drawer.  I love how they painted the tops to label the tops of the jars.  We have an excess of drawers and not enough shelves in our kitchen so I think I will be using this in the near future […]

DIY: Frugal Headband Holder From an Oatmeal Canister

I was searching through Pintrest and I saw this genius idea to make a a headband holder out of an oatmeal canister! I love how they use paper, the canister and an old Candle holder to make something super functional and super cute.  With 3 girls in our house this is definitely going to be […]

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