How Do I Do It: Part 2- The Cloth Diaper Saga

If you missed Part one of the series, you can read about it here: Part 1 I left off the story as we were living off a small income and needing to save money.  We had 1 child and with diapers and everything we were spending a fortune.  I realized at this point that If […]

How Do I Do It: How We Started

Our frugal story started a long time ago. When I was young my parents raised me in a house where the only debt we had was debt for a house. My dad joined the military to help pay for college so he didn’t have school debt and he worked hard to be able to always […]

Frugal Holiday Family Activities

  There is so much you can do around the holiday’s.  Your schedule is always full, whether it is shopping or trying to attend all the parties, or doing your own family activities.  It can be costly and time consuming.  This year I had a goal that the holiday’s weren’t going to stress me out […]

Save money by using reusable products

In connection with my giveaway HERE I am doing this post on using as much cloth stuff as you can.  When my oldest was 8 months old I started using cloth diapers so we could cut the costs.  At first I was so nervous about it.  I didn’t know if I could make that switch […]

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