Healthy meals that are also frugal are sometimes hard to find.  But the best way to do this is cook with whole ingredients you find by shopping the sales to save money on groceries.

It also helps to have a collection of easy healthy recipes that use whole ingredients.  It is easy to do your cooking on a budget when using these healthy meals for your family.

Frugal recipes can be very healthy for you and your family.  It can be an easy dinner idea and still be healthy with the right recipe.

Here are some healthy meals for you to get you started

Healthy Whole Wheat Bread Recipe: Great for Sandwiches or Healthy Meals!

This week I want to talk about making bread. Last week we talked about yeast and I wanted to follow it up with my bred recipe and how I make bread. I usually make 2 loaves at once. when I was first starting to make bread, my husband wouldn’t eat it. Every recipe I tried […]

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