Guest Post: Couponing To Dinsey

When my daughter first became interested in the Disney Princesses, I got so excited. I started making all these elaborate plans about a fantastic trip to Disney World. Then I saw the price tag of a Disney vacation and compared our finances and those dreams diminished. There was no way we could afford a Disney […]

Myth or Fact: Buying in Bulk Saves You Money

Before I became a couponer I was an avid Costco Shopper.  I got everything there, from toothpaste to Toilet Paper, to Meat.  I always thought I was getting a better deal because I was buying in bulk.  Bulk means saving money right? When I got a little smarter with our money I began to really […]

5 ways to reduce the cost of utilities today and save money NOW!

When I started looking for ways to cut the costs, I thought of a lot of obvious things.  Turn off the lights when your not in the room, unplug appliances when not in use, keep the AC a degree or 2 higher then normal, and turn off the TV and radio when your not watching […]

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