Update On Our Garden

I know this seems silly.  but down here in southern California gardens grow year round.  It is nice in some ways and weird in others.  We have never been able to grow things in the winter like we have this winter.  When I was supposed to harvest the carrots they were small so I decided to leave them in the ground.  After a few months I remembered they were there.  I went out and started to dig them up and this is what I found.

garden update


See all those huge carrots?  I was shocked to see how big they were.  I ended up pulling them all out and also getting a bunch of green peppers off our plants too.

I had no idea I would be able to get such big carrots from our little square foot garden!

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Have you ever grow huge things in your little garden?

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  1. Christina says:

    We have a square foot raised bed garden too, but I did my carrots last summer in a large planter, one of the kids must have put some in the garden bed when we were planting though because we found some at the end of the summer when I started pulling the other plants to prep for a fall/winter garden. They were HUGE. We couldn’t see the tops through the squash and broccoli plants lol.

    This past year was our first year trying a fall/winter garden… we had such crazy weather though and our garden was a bust – rain, extreme hot temps, a few early on cold nights. I will have to do some more research before next year (we are in Florida is cold really shouldn’t be an issue for the most part).

    1. You will have to share what you find. I have a hard time with fall and winter gardens usually, but I think I could probably pull one off down here. I just don’t know what to grow. Good luck with your garden prep for the spring!