Stop Clipping & Start Saving

I want to tell you about my new ebook that will change your grocery shopping forever.  I know you have wanted to try to find more room in your grocery budget and to be able to get more for your money and this book will help you to do just that! You hear again and again how much couponing will save you money, and yes, it does save you money, but what no one tells you is that the coupons themselves only saves you about $30-$50 a month.  The thing that really saves you a bulk of your money is shopping differently and using your resources.

I have spent more time than I can tell you clipping coupons and planning trips that then took me even more time at the store juggling kids, coupons, and groceries.  Not to mention the endless amount of stuff I bought that we never needed and would clutter up our house.

I am over it!  I am done with the piles of coupons, the hours of planning, the clutter around my house.  So I put together a resource with all the tools you need to get the savings without the clutter and the time.

Stop Clipping and Start Saving will teach you many methods of saving money on your grocery budget without clipping one coupon. Inside the book, you will find tips that will teach you:

  • how to shop for produce, so you maximize your money
  • how to shop for meat, so you still have what you want but don’t spend full price
  • the method that most couponers use to shop that saves them 40-60% on their bill
  • alternative shopping methods that will save you money
  • and more!


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I have been there too; I get what your thinking

  • I don’t have time to scour the ads either
  • I don’t have the time or energy to shop at five different stores with four kids in tow
  • I don’t have any extra hours  in my day
  • I like to buy organic or whole foods

I feel your pain! I want to promise you that the 15 methods taught in the book don’t all take extra time, they give you the freedom to shop how and where you want, and they won’t make you go to tons of stores just to make the most of your money.  I will show you practical strategies that will get you in and out of the store spending less and less each week!


save money on food without clipping coupons!

“Chock full of practical and tactical strategies to help you reduce your grocery spending without ever having to grab a pair of scissors and hunt down coupons. If you think you’re spending too much on groceries, you need this book to help you start making small changes in the way you shop that will lead to significant savings.”
Erin Chase, Founder of $5 Dinners
“Melissa has taken the mystery of savings off the table with this insightful book that shows you real life changes to meet your budgetary needs. Without frustrating and time-consuming things like coupon clipping, she shows you how to find the money you need to get out of debt and live the life you have always dreamed of having! Real life examples of how you can turn your financial situation around and get out of debt.”
Katie Hale, Founder of You Brew My Tea

“I hate clipping coupons! In Stop Clipping, Start Savings, Melissa gives easy, practical solutions for people like me that don’t have the time or the patience to clip stacks of coupons in order to save money. Armed with these strategies, my grocery expense is guaranteed to shrink!”

 Serena Appiah, Founder of Thrift Diving


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