Family Road Trip Checklist When Traveling on a Budget + Free Printable

If you have ever been on a family road trip, you know how easy it is to forget things.  Forgetting things causes you to spend way too much money grabbing stuff as you can on your trip.  That is why a checklist is essential to preparation and packing.

Family packing a car for a road trip with kids. The car has it's doors open and the family is packing a suitcase into the back. There is text over the photo that says free printable family road trip checklist.

I always find myself doing a mental checklist as I am packing.  When we first started taking road trips with kids, I would be checking and re-checking that we had everything.

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12 Months of Preplanned Dates Gift + Once A Month Date Night Ideas

I am the type of person who requires gifts to mean something.  Sometimes it can be hard to find a good gift because of that. I am also the type of person who loves a well thought out date night once a month.

Brown envelope with white card in it. The card has a red heart on it and a heart on a stick next to it. A text overlay says 12 months of preplanned dates gift plus once a month date night ideas.

While trying to come up with gift ideas I realized that a great gift would be to combine the date night and the gift ideas so it can last the whole year!

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The Best Kept Secrets For Where To Find Grocery Coupons For Free That You Actually Use

If you want to save big money on your food budget, you will want to learn how to coupon.  The methods of shopping combined with the coupons will save you so much money!

womans hands holding coupons, cash, and a credit card. Text overlay that says the best kept secrets for where to find coupons you actually use.

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The Best Way To Save The Most Money on Your Food Bill

When you use lots of whole foods in your meals, it can sometimes be hard to know the best way to save money on food.  But I have found that saving money on food can be easy if you have the right frame of mind. Sometimes it takes a little creativity, but it can be done with little effort.

couple shopping for food. The woman is reaching to pull an item off the shelf with a text overlay that says the best way to save money on food

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The Easiest Classic Banana Bread Recipe With Oil *No Butter*

Classic banana bread recipes are sometimes hard to come by. Especially when you need a dairy free recipe. I have found a way to have the super moist texture of classic banana bread with oil rather than butter. And it is SO easy too!

Sliced banana bread on a cutting board. Has a text overlay that says the easiest classic banana bread recipe with oil *no butter*

When I was younger My grandma and I would make this recipe with butter.  It was always super moist and I loved it as a dessert warm out of the oven.  But as I grew I had a period of time where I was not eating any type of dairy.  That took the option for this bread out but I still wanted the yummy goodness so I had to convert the recipe to a dairy-free option.

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