How To Make a Personal Financial Wellness Plan

Whether you have a family, or you are single it is important to make a personal financial wellness plan.  Creating a personal financial plan will help you to have goals and a direction to move towards.  This is also going to be something that helps you take steps to get to know yourself and your family.

Financial wellness plans are important to help you get your finances in order. It is a way to gage if your on track in the right direction.

Your wellness plan involves all parts of your finances.  It involves making a budget, a plan to pay off debt, investing goals, and a step by step plan to get you to financial prosperity.

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My Favorite DIY Christmas Cookie Ornaments Tutorial

When I was young Christmas cookie ornaments were one of my favorite traditions.  Not only are they fun to make, but they were also fun to eat!

Christmas Cookie Ornament

We would make big batches of cookies and sit together and decorate the cookies.  Some of them would be made into Christmas cookie ornaments and others would be turned into plates to cookies for friends and neighbors.

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5 Tips to Successfully Be A One-Car Family In A Multi-Car World

This is our baby.  Our 1 and only car.  Since the time we were married, we have been a one-car family.  We choose to do that to save money.

How to be a one car family

We live in central CA.  In a place that doesn’t have lots of public transit, and the transit we do have doesn’t really give us much help.  So we had to really consciously make the choice to make this work. We had to figure out tips to successfully be a one-car family.

Why we chose to be a one-car family

Before we were married, we both served missions for our church.  Shortly after coming home, we started dating.  Matthew bought a car and I did not.  I used a family car until we were married.  So instead of going into debt for a car, we decided to manage with 1 car.

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The Best Stuffed Bell Peppers With Ground Turkey And Vegetables

One of my favorite recipes is stuffed bell peppers with ground turkey and vegetables! It has always been a dish that leaves me full but not heavy feeling.  I also love that it gets me lots of vegetables!

Blue background with white text that says The Best Stuffed Bell Peppers With Ground Turkey And Vegetables with a yellow pepper stuffed with ground turkey mix

We searched high and low for a vegetable and turkey stuffed peppers recipe.  I tried a few but never LOVED what I was eating.

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How to Save Money When Building A House Of Your Dreams

Purchasing a home is possibly the largest event that you will make in your lifetime. Everyone is always looking for ways to save money when building a house because making the decision to build a home adds a large amount of complexity to the process.

light blue house with white porch and writing on it saying how to save money when building a house of your dreams.

You will have to worry about every detail from buying the perfect plot of land to choosing countertops that match your taste and lifestyle. It is a daunting task that can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t have the time and desire to stay on top of all elements of the project.

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