How to Prepare Dried Beans (Overnight and Quick Soak Included)

Did you know that there are multiple ways to prepare dried beans??  They are easy to do and there are benefits to both so which do you do?  Check out both below and decide which you like!

Piles of different dried beans on a table with a text overlay that says how to prepare dried beans

Do You have to Soak Beans before cooking them?

One way to be healthy and to use some of your stored beans is to soak them and use them in place of meat.  One of the first questions I get asked of people who are new to dry beans is if you need to soak beans before cooking them.

The short answer is no.

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Caldo Xochitl Soup or Caldo de Pollo Soup Recipe

Caldo Xochitl soup is a light and fresh soup that anyone can make.  This soup is also known as Caldo de Pollo or Chicken and lime soup.

Close up of a bowl of Caldo Xochitl Soup with tomatoes as a topping. It has a text overlay that says easy caldo de pollo or mexican chicken soup with rice.

This Mexican Chicken and lime soup is so full of flavor.  It is slowly cooked so the flavors meld together to a very tasty broth.  Caldo de Pollo is one of my favorites soups to make from scratch because It is made with simple whole ingredients!

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Do I Need A Will? When To Make It And The Benefits Of Having One

Once you hit adulthood, you may be asking yourself, “do I need a will?” Wills always reminded me of my grandma and grandpa. They are older and closer to death, so it made sense for them to have a will.

A person considering "Do I need a will?" while their hands rest on a last will and testament paper with a pen on the paper.

While I am not a lawyer, nor am I giving any legal advice.  But It is a crucial tool to have for financial planning, and it is essential to know the benefits of having a will no matter what age you are. So here is why you need a will and what benefits there will be to you for having one.

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Italian Broccoli and Pasta Salad Recipe

This Italian Broccoli and Pasta Salad Recipe is to die for!  It is simple too which makes it even better!  I love to make it for parties and picnics.  It is filling so it could be used as a main dish or a side. It is the best cold pasta salad recipe I have ever made.

white bowl on a green background filled with tri color pasta mixed with broccoli, tomatoes, and peppers. There is a text overlay that says italian broccoli and pasta salad recipe.

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Free Printable Monthly Bill Tracker To Teach You How to Track Individual Bills

Are you looking for a printable bill tracker that will track the bills you are paying down on? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to keep track of each bill instead of 1 paper for all your bills? This individual printable bill tracker is perfect for this. It allows you to see when you paid the bill, the amount you paid, and what your balance is.

pennies in stacks with wording on image saying "How to keep track of individual bills plus free printable" includes a free printable bill tacker.

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