5 Tips to Successfully Be A One-Car Family In A Multi-Car World

This is our baby.  Our 1 and only car.  Since the time we were married, we have been a one-car family.  We choose to do that to save money. We live in central CA.  In a place that doesn’t have lots of public transit, and the transit we do have doesn’t really give us much […]

Frugal Living Means Knowing What to Spend Money On

For many people, frugal living is thought to be living without spending money.  While I think there is some truth to that cheap living idea, that is definitely not the way it is for most of us.  Frugal living is more about knowing what to spend money on rather than what you’re not getting.   […]

We Set Up our Life To Be Debt Free

We never imagined we would be going to law school when we married 9 years ago.  Heck, we didn’t even know it was in the plans for us 5 years ago.  When we were married we knew we were going to have a family and we knew we were going to finish our bachelors degrees.  […]

Debt Free Living: Ka’ea’s Story

Ke’ea is a long time friend of mine who I consider one of the most deep thinking people I know.  She is always thinking about what others are saying and taking it to heart.  I love that about her.  I feel like she has the true change of heart that it takes to get out of debt, so […]

Use Your Military Service to Help Get Through College Debt Free

If you, or anyone you know has served in the military be sure you check this out.  The GI bill is there to help those in the military or who have served to pay for college tuition.  This is free money.  You have already done the time to get the reward!!!!  Click HERE to get […]

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