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Hi!  Welcome to Living A Frugal Life!  So glad you have joined us!  This is a site is centered around frugal living, but it’s not about going without or whoever jams their family in the smallest house possible wins. (We win by the way… 😉 )  It is about living the life you want on the least possible.

Frugal Living can mean something different for each person.  For some it is shopping with coupons to make the budget stretch, for others it is shopping smart without coupons.  For one it is cooking using frugal recipes and for another it may be using DIY projects to make your home beautiful and unique.  Anyway you look at it you are living your life on the least possible while still loving every minute of it.

This site, I hope, will be a place of inspiration for you. In a world where there is a lot of hustle and bustle and where keeping up with the Jones’ is an epidemic it can be challenging to stay frugally minded.

About the Author

My name is Melissa. I am a mom of 4 kids, and I am a wife to a law student.  Life for me is a little crazy, as you can imagine.  I started my frugal journey at the young age of 8 when I realized that I could save those $2 bills my grandma gave me in my drawer and I would have them forever.  *yes, I still have most of them*  I didn’t realize until much later, but I have always been a saver by nature.  I HATE to spend money and it is always so hard for me to spend money even though it is needed to live.


  Fast forward a few years and I met my loving, sweet hubby Matthew.  He was a spender.  Bought me gifts and spent money to show he loved me.  While I loved him for it, I never felt comfortable with it.  I was always questioning how that money could be better spent.  As we began to discuss wedding plans I told him I didn’t want to get my engagement ring until it was completely paid for and mine.  I didn’t want to be paying any money on it after we got married.  To him this almost seemed impossible, but he lovingly agreed.  This began the adjustment of a spender and a saver living together.  It is a hard feat at times with both parties getting frustrated but I have learned, and so has he, that we must give and take in all aspects of life, including living frugally.

I have come to realize that budgeting helps keep us both in check (and it helps him put up with my crazy frugal antics).  It helps me spend where it is needed and him save when it is needed.  I have come to realize that it is ok to spend money from time to time… ok, so I still don’t like it and second guess and question it, but I have learned to let it go to an extent.  I have learned where to scrimp and save and where to budget the money for something that costs a bit more.

We currently live in Southern California in a 2 bedroom duplex with a tiny back yard on a busy street.  Yes, you read that right 6 people in a 950 square feet 2 bedroom place.  The 4 kids are in 1 room, the big one while my hubby and I have a little one that our bed and dresser fit in with no room for much else.  Simple living is a must and while I am not very good at it sometimes, I try hard to keep it that way.

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