How to Make A Milk Jug Skeleton Halloween Decoration

Halloween would not be complete without a milk jug skeleton Halloween Decoration to put outside your house!  I initially saw this hanging outside a house a long time ago, and I have remembered it ever since! It is made out of gallon milk jugs and is a craft that is sooooo easy to make!  I […]

12 Simple DIY Halloween Decorations For Your Home

While I LOVE cute DIY Halloween decorations, I feel like I am at a time in my life where I don’t have much time nor money to do these sort of things.  But sometimes I can’t help but see these cute ideas, and I have to do them so my house can be beautiful like […]

Thanksgiving Kids Crafts: Edible Teepees

Thanksgiving morning can be crazy, and there is always lots of things happening. Thanksgiving kids crafts are a great way to keep kids occupied with some art projects and give them a little snack to keep their fingers out of the dinner foods! I think schools are doing a poor job of teaching history, in […]

Dollar Tree DIY: Memorial Day Craft Bunting

This Memorial day craft project is brought to you by Dollar Tree Memorial Day is a great time to gather with family and friends for BBQ’s and backyard parties. Using dollar tree is a great way to help save your money on the festivities.  This year, why not add to the spirit with your own […]

Dollar Tree DIY: Valentine’s Day Pomander Ball

This Valentine craft is brought to you by Dollar Tree Decorating your home for Valentine’s Day can be just as frugal as it is fun. Making your own Valentine’s Day décor does not need to be stressful or expensive, in fact all it takes is a trip to your local Dollar Tree Store. There you […]

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