Frugal Gift Box Idea

If you need a few boxes and don’t want to spend a dime on them this is for you.  A friend of mine showed me this and I thought it was the most genius idea ever!  You can do this with any size box and it looks so much nicer then just using that box the way it is.(that was my idea of frugal boxes) It is so easy to do as well.  When you make this be sure you use a glue gun and be careful not to burn yourself!  My glue gun ran out of glue at the beginning of the project so mine has tape on it.

Take any box and open both ends and separate side.

Turn box inside out and glue side closed again.

Glue one side shut and tape or glue the other side shut after you have put the gift in.

Add a cute bow and you have a cute wrapped gift for next to nothing!

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Here is our tree this year.  It is on a table so the kids don’t get the nice ornaments. 😉

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  1. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.