How to Save Money On Your Wedding Ceremony Without Anyone Noticing

Wedding ceremonies are costing more and more as time goes on.  To know how to save on your wedding ceremony is a valuable tool to have.  You can save in many areas that will not be noticed by anyone but you and it will stretch your money further and give you more money to start your life.  The secret to saving a lot is that you have to make it so no one notices.  Those things are the key to having a great time but still saving your hard earned money.  Here are a few ways you can save a ton on your wedding ceremony without spilling the beans to your guests.

How to save money on your Wedding Ceremony

Venue – Wedding venues can cost thousands of dollars.  There are many resources that are inexpensive but still beautiful.  The first thing you want to check is your church.  Lots of churches will let you use their building free of charge or at a discount if you are part of their congregation.  Check at local parks, beaches, civic centers and other smaller locations.  When doing that be sure you check into what will be provided for you at those locations as you may have to provide some of your own chairs or decorations.

Invitations – There are many ways to get your invites for cheap.  Some of my favorite invites have been ones that were printed at a local shop.  I had a friend who made her invitations into double sided postcards.  They turned out really cute and didn’t cost a ton to send.  The important thing about invitations is they should feel like you.  So try to think about what the minimum is that they need to be to feel like you.  What ever is most important should always be included but the unneeded things should be left out.  If you feel like the photo of you is important, spend your money on getting a nice photo either on the invite or inside it.  But Photos are required in invites so if you don’t want to include it, save your money and send them without!  If you have a talent for card making use that and make your invites from home with a DIY kit.  They can save you hundreds on printing costs.

Wedding Dress – Wedding dresses are an important part of the day for most girls.  It is something you have dreamed about since you were little.  It is hard for most to imagine not getting the most amazing dress out there.  The problem is most times, that amazon dress costs Thousands of dollars.  Sometimes just as much as the venue.  The best way to save on a dress is to set your budget before you go.  Try to remember it is 1 day.  Yes you want to feel beautiful but you can feel beautiful spending less on your dress.  Try to look for sales and second hand shops.  There is nothing wrong with wearing a dress someone else wore and having it tailored to you so that it looks amazing on you.  When shopping for shoes go for comfort and try to shop in the summer if possible so you have a larger selection at better prices.  Also don’t be apposed to thinking outside the box on your shoes.  Barely anyone sees them so be fun in your choice!

Flowers – There are many ways you can save money on wedding flowers.  Some of them include buying in bulk and shopping in season.  You should also be open to used flowers other then roses.  You can have some very vibrant and beautiful flowers when using other flowers.  For more tips on how to save money on your wedding flowers check out these other ideas!

Photos – Photography is an interesting topic in saving money.  Photographers can cost so much money.  Most don’t want to scrimp as this is something that will last a lifetime.  I agree with that completely, but I also think it is important to use your resources.  Look to those who have the skills to take great photos that are your friends.  have them take photos at your reception and during the ceremony   then save the expensive photographer for the formal pics.  This will save you from paying a huge hourly amount and you can get a smaller package and save money while still getting the photos you want.

Get bridesmaids dresses during prom season – Prom dresses are usually a great way to find lots of the same dress in different sizes.  you have a large selection as well.  Using this resource is one that will save you or your bridal party a lot of money.  I was big on having functional items for my bridesmaids dresses.  I had a skirt and top so they could wear them again in the future.  Try to listen to your bridesmaids when choosing something and don’t make it a hugely expensive dress they will only wear once.

Hair –  This is a great money saving wedding tip that will save you a ton!  Get a beauty school student to do your hair and the hair of your wedding party! Call the school first and ask to speak to one of the instructors. Tell them you are getting married and need a great student who could do the hair of you and your wedding party too.  Ask the instructor to recommend a student, make sure that student would be available on your big day.  Make an appointment to have a test run. Be sure to bring pictures if you have any and try it out! Remember, the instructors supervise the students so it is not as scary as you think.

Have an afternoon wedding – Having a wedding at 6pm means you’ll be serving dinner so try to shoot for a time more mid-day to avoid having to pay for everyone’s meals. A 3pm wedding means you can easily serve light appetizers and no one will notice the lack of a meal.  Weddings during meal times will increase your prices quite a bit so just be careful to avoid those times.

for even more tips on how to save money on a wedding check out more articles here.

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  1. Sandra @ The Sensible Mom says:

    These are fantastic ways to save money on a wedding! I agree that a wedding is only ONE day, and it’s best not to go into debt and spend a crazy amount of money to make that day special. There are lots of ways (that you mentioned) to have a great wedding day — without breaking the bank.