How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

There are many ways to save money on weddings, one of the easiest is to learn how to save money on wedding flowers.

Flowers are one fo the things that seem to define a wedding.  If you have the right colors they can make a large impact on the look of the pictures, the feel of the reception and the balance with the brides dress.  While they are important to the wedding there are many ways to save money on wedding flowers that don’t take away form the wedding.

Shop around – You may already know of a couple places, but it is important to shop around and ask about specials.  Specials change all the time and can be a big tool for saving money for wedding expenses.

Use silk – if you invest in nice looking flowers they look great even though they are silk.  They last longer and can be reused as wel.

Buy in bulk – Costco is a great place to get beautiful roses that last a while.  If you want a certain color ask for the florists number and have her pick out the best flowers that day so you get them.  You can also focus your flowers on 1 or 2 kids if you are ordering them through a florist.  This helps them save money so you save money!

Ask venue if other brides will be there that day and try to share the cost of flowers – you never know unless you ask!

Mix flowers with other items like greenery or lanters and candles – Flowers don’t always have to be the center of your decorating.  use other items and make the flowers an accent piece.

Use in season flowers – in season items are always cheaper because they have a lot of them and they don’t have to be shipped far to get to you.

If you know how to make flower arrangements or you know others who know, make your own – I had a friend who knew how to make them, so I had her help me make them with my costco bought flowers.  Saved me a couple hundred dollars on my wedding!  Use your resources when saving money for wedding flowers!

Consider holiday’s and the decorations already in the venue – some holiday’s the venue may already have decorations up and have flowers that match the season.  This can be used in many ways for how to save money on weddings.

How else can you save money on wedding flowers?

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  1. Sandra @ The Sensible Mom says:

    These are great ways to save on wedding flowers! I love your tip to buy silk flowers – beautiful and reusable!

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