Vons Just for U Personalized Savings Program

Just for U is a Vons personalized savings program for it’s shoppers!  It is free to use and brings you additional discounts to help in your savings!  This is the same program as the Safeway Just for you program if you are familiar with it as Vons is owned by the Safeway company.

Vons Just for U

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share with you this awesome new savings program at Vons.  I went shopping with the program and no additional coupons but one I found in the store for $1.00/4 Yogurts.  I saved 44%!!!! I can only imagine if I added coupons on top of that.  It would be an easy 50-75% saved each trip!

Here is how the program works and how you can get signed up so you save more!

How to use Vons just for U

Vons Just for U is a savings program based on your purchase history.  For a while now your Vons card has kept track of what you have bought and when you bought it.  This information was used by stores to see what people are buying so they can stock their stores with what you buy.  That information is going to be working for YOU now!  How exciting is that?  They have been working over the last couple months to compile all that info to give each person a personal shopping experience.

Image of the shopping list feature on the Vons Just for U website

When you sign into your Vons Just For U account, you will have the option to click on coupon center, personalized savings, or club specials.  The club specials are basically the sale items in the ad that week but sorted by what you buy.

How to use the coupon center

The coupon center is a place to load e-coupons.  All of the in-ad coupons are in this place that you can load on your card.  I will talk a bit more about that and how it works below.  The personalized savings section is a personal shopping experience for each person.  It is personalized prices and deals based on what you shop for.

Image of the coupon center on the Vons Just for U website. Includes coupons for laundry detergent, toilet paper and more.

When you go into the Vons just for U coupon center you are going to see a big list of coupons.  There are a couple things you need to pay attention to.

One of the things that it doesn’t show is if the coupon is a store coupon or a manufacturers coupon.  We asked Vons about it and they said they are working on putting something on it so you know which it is.  And remember that you can’t use a manufacturers e-coupon and a print manufacturers coupon at the store.  It is one or the other.

Until they figure out how to fix it so you know, they taught me a little trick.  If you see a coupon that has a price on it, like Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice for $2.50, it is a store coupon.  If you see a coupon with $ off a product, it is a manufacturer coupon, like $.50 off Yoplait yogurt.

This way you know what stacks and what doesn’t.  The e-coupons in this area DO stack with the personalized deals so there is a possibility of great savings without any additional coupons.  Just your personal deals and the store coupons.

Image of the personalized deals page on the Vons just for U website. Includes personal deals on eggs, water, deli sandwiches and more.

How to use the personalized savings

The Vons just for U personalized savings center is where you want to focus most of your time as this is what will help to bring your grocery budget down.  It is this area where the additional savings are and the special prices just for U!

It is in this section that you will find an extra special coupon for FREE EGGS just for signing up!  It is also the place you will see your discounts.

What I did when I first got on was load everything that I might buy on my card.  This way I don’t have to think about it later.

Some of the discounts are just a few cents and some are big discounts like $1 off.  But every cent counts so I will take it!  It is also in this section that you will find comparison pricing!

This helps you to know that you are getting the best deal on the products included in there.  Personalized deals do NOT stack with club card savings, it will give you whichever deal is better.

As you load these on your card be sure you look to see if you have the Vons just for U discount unlimited times or if there is a limit.  I have a deal in mine for $.49/lb bananas (reg. $.69/lb).  This discount is good for the whole month of Feb. so I can use it as many times as I want for that month!  Talk about savings that just keeps going!!!

image of the Saving List feature on the Vons Just for U website. Includes a shopping list for juice, bread and cereal.

How to use the savings list

If you want a list of items on your card, go to your savings list and print it off.  This can also double as a shopping list for you as well.

I think one of the best things about this program is how it will help those who like to shop organic or natural.  This is a hard area for many who shop this way to find discounts.  Because it tracks your products you buy, it will give you special discounts on organic and natural products you buy thus saving you more money.

So I know what your thinking.  How do I sign up for the Vons just for U program?  it is SUPER easy!  All you have to do is go to the Vons website and click on Just for U.  Y

You need to know an email address for your login and your card number or the phone number connected with your account.  Fill out the rest of the fields and accept the terms.  Then you are ready to go!  Click into the personalized savings and get saving!!!!

There is also a Vons Just for you app available for iPhone and Android.  This is a great way to easily add your savings.  Most stores have free Wifi in their stores as well so you can even add them while you waiting in line to make your purchase!

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Check out more info on how to shop at Vons with coupons!

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  1. They finally got the site to work for my store (I live in a super small and rural town in Cali) & the deals were great! Our Vons is one of the top two grossing stores in California and we are new here and its hard adjusting to the higher prices. Just for U makes it so much more reasonable to shop at Vons. Good thing to know about the manuf vs. store coupons. Planning my trip for tomorrow. 🙂

    1. Let me know if you have any questions! Remember that most of your savings comes from the personalized savings section. Let me know how your trip goes!

      1. Can I buy the same item more than once in the Just 4 U program?

        1. Each deal is different. It should tell you al limit on the items if you click into the details of the deal or coupon.

  2. Rosalea greenwood says:

    Today I shopped at Von’s, as usual. Bought yogurt that was supposed to be on my savings list. It did not show up on my receipt, no just for u showed.

    1. make sure you call customer service and ask your cahshier about it. usually the customer service countering he store can help you get it worked out too.

  3. Rosalea greenwood says:

    Other than the small problem today I have always been very happy with Von’s.

  4. I have just visited my neighborhood Vons store (southern California) for the last time. Too often have I gone into the store because of the sales in the weekly flyer only to realize that they charged me the regular amount on my receipt. They do this with sale items in the aisles as well. And their “Just for u” program prices are frequently not what I end up being charged. Today was ridiculous. I caught numerous discrepancies at the cashier. I asked to speak to a manager but there conveniently wasn’t one available. I hate having to police every item that goes across the scanner but if you’re not careful you will pay WAY more than you expected to. And when I got home and went through my receipt more closely, they charged me 1.99 each for Soda that was on sale for .99 — and I bought multiple because of the sale price. This is called false advertising and just unscrupulous business practices. I’ve had it with Vons for good!

    1. Sorry for your bad experience there. One thing I noticed was that I would go through the line and check the prices, but if there were problems, I would go to customer service and they would fix my receipt a lot faster then if I tried to fix it in the line. If you don’t have the cash to pay the overage have them suspend the sale and they can call it up at the register at the customer service counter.

      Also be aware of the limits on the just for you deals. Some will only allow one item at that price. I have made the mistake of not checking and getting more then the limit.

  5. Julie Fleer says:

    How long does Vons Just for You remember the items you purchased? Indefinitely? Refreshes every 6 months? A Year? Thank you.

    1. honestly, I am not sure. you may want to call Vons customer service and ask them.

  6. Pingback: How to Use the Vons Just For U App to Save you Money
  7. Marie Christensen says:

    Hi Melissa-
    Not sure how old this post is, but I thought u may know the answer. Since Albertsons now one VONS and Safeway and all 3 use Just for You rewards, if I go onto the VONS site and load all my coupons onto my card, will those be honored at Albertsons when I use my Just for you card there? I know each store has diff specials, etc and maybe those need to be loaded on each stores website. I haven’t been able to find an answer to this and any knowledge u have if this would be helpful.
    Thank you

    1. I am not sure, but I know when it was just Vons and Safeway we could not use Vons coupons at Safeway and vise versa. So I would expect that to be the same for Albertsons.

  8. Well, actually, what I needed was the step by step “how to” from downloading the app to availing of the digital coupons.

    I already downloaded the app.
    Signed in.
    Browsed the weekly ad.
    “Added” stuff I wanted.

    But where does the “added” stuff go?

    A cashier showed me on his phone when you add an item, it goes to a “cart” on top of the page, but my phone doesn’t show a “cart” on top of the page.

    This app is confusing.

    1. The added items go onto your card. The price will show up at checkout after you put your phone number in or scan your card.

  9. I added coupons and made sure they showed on my “list” (I don’t print the list because when I did once it printed with a dark gray background using too much ink and difficult to read) but at the store none were applied in self checkout and having scanned my Von’s card. A helper told me I have to load it, then be sure it is on my list and then put it in my “cart.” I never had to do this at Safeway. Plus I thought the “cart” was for shopping for delivery or pickup.

  10. The hoops that I had to jump through just to get the Vons advertised price on soda were ridiculous. Going to shop at Ralphs where sale prices are equivalent without having to pre-select your items before you enter the store.

  11. How can I install vons just for you. The only app I see is for delivery

    1. The app is now called vons deals and delivery. But it has all the just for u stuff in it.

  12. Ms J Phillips says:

    I just read the information on the Just for U ,and it seems like it’s a good idea..but at near the end, where the lady’s says, there’s a just for U app..!!!! WRONG, it’s only 2 apps from VONS, THE GROCERY STORE AND THE GAS STATION PART, NO JUST FOR U….,

    1. They recently combined their apps so there is just a vons app now.