How to Use the Vons Just For U App to Save you Money

If you are new to the Vons Just for U Personalized Savings Program be sure to read this first as it tells you how it works.

Learn how to use the Vons just for u app . It is the easiest and smartest way to save money on your grocery shopping at Vons.

If you are a Vons Just for U shopper that has a smart phone, you need to have the Vons Just for U app on your phone.

This is the mobile version of the Just for U website and it is really easy to use.  It makes saving money at Vons easy.

The app is available on the iphone or they recently came out with a driod app. It is very simple to use and the best part is that you can use it on the go!

When you first open the app you see a welcome screen with options as to what discounts you want.  You can pick Personalized deals, coupon center, or your club savings.

Just for U personalized deals

You want to start first at the personalized deals as these will be the items you get a special price on

Vons Coupon Center

After you save those items to your card you should move on to the coupon center.  This will give you specialized coupons that you can load to your card so you can get even more of a discount.

The best part is that these discounts get applied immediately to your card,  so you could even be standing in line doing this before you check out and the items and special pricing should work when you check out.

To get the Just for U app on your iphone, check out the itunes store.  It is free.

To get the Just for U app on andriod go to google play

If you need more information, check out  Vons Just for U.

Be sure to check out the video on how to use the Vons Just for U site.

Check out more info on how to shop at Vons with coupons.

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  2. Hi Melissa, do you know how to sign out of the Vons for U app? Every time I open the app I’m still signed in from the last time. I have searched the entire app, the settings, my profile, home. There’s nowhere to sign out that I can see.

  3. Teri Mayer says:

    I had $10 new member however I don’t see the discount on my receipt?

    1. You will have to contact Vons to ask them about it.