How to Store Fruits and Vegetables so They Last Longer

My favorite household product at the Natural products expo was an amazing little box that sits in your fridge, the Berry BreezeBasically, in a nutshell, This box is a miracle worker! 😉  The box sits in your fridge and helps to make oxygen that helps prevent mold growth so when you store fruits and vegetables they last longer.  It is kind of like a purifier for your fridge.  It saves me money which makes me love it even more!

How to store fruits and vegetables so it extend the life of your produce

When I first saw it on the shelf of all the cool new products up for a vote of what the next big products are for the year, I picked up the box and read all about how it would prevent mold growth and make your produce last longer.  I was a little skeptical at first because we have tried so many things, like those little green bags that are supposed to prevent fruits and vegetables from aging.  They never worked.  

But when I got the chance to talk to the creator and a few people from the company I was amazed at the science behind it.  They did their research, and they worked to make a way to get the fridge a more produce friendly environment.  It never occurred to me the way a fridge worked and how that would effect produce.  I always just thought you put your stuff in, and it keeps it cold.  The cold air in the fridge extends the life of the product.  That is only partially right.  The cold also makes a lot of humidity and that humidity it what carries the mold growth and encourages the decay of food.

I was excited to get it home in my fridge and try it out.  I knew if it worked I would be praising Berry Breeze for life!  

So when we went and did our weekly Costco trip. (no one should be at Costco that much) I knew that if we were going to test it we would have to buy a lot of produce in the big bags, so we have to store it for a while.  So I did that.  I bought a container of strawberries.  Now these usually last about three days before we have to throw more than half of them away.  So even if it made them last for three days, I would be happy.

After two days, I checked on them.  They looked just like the day I bought them!  So we ate some of the berries, and they were so good!!! I wanted to test how long it would keep them good and so we kept them in the same container and out them back to see how long they would last.

Fast forward five days.  I check them again.  STILL NO MOLD!!!!!  I was utterly shocked!  By this time, my berries were seven days old.  Prior to using the Berry Breeze I was throwing away the berries a few days before this.  The berries were starting to look older by this point.  Nothing inedible, just getting softer than most people like to eat them.  I decided to cut some up so I could see how the insides were holding up.  Here is what I found.

Berry Breeze results

Isn’t that amazing!?!?!?!?!  I was so excited!!  No more throwing berries away after a few days.  No more wasted money!

Berry Breeze helps you store fruits and vegetables so they last up to 3 times longer!

So I’ll bet your wondering how this works.  Here is the scientific reason it is so amazing and all this is without chemicals, I love that even more.

That little white battery operated machine sits on your shelf and inside the machine it is creating activated oxygen (O3).  This is the same type of oxygen that lightning produces.  The lightning in the atmosphere cleanses the earth’s air and purifies it from impurities and odors in the air.  This kind of oxygen in our fridge does the same thing.  It erases odors, and it purifies the air to prevent mold growth as you store fruits and vegetables.  Isn’t that the most amazing use of technology???  That little machine creates a small amount of lightning (you can actually see it in the machine) in a consistent pattern to keep the air in your fridge full of O3 and to keep your produce fresher.

I have now used the Berry Breeze for the last three months.  I am still using the same batteries, and it is still saving me TONS of money by having the optimum atmosphere to store fruits and vegetables so they stay fresher longer.  I think this is worth every penny you spend on it.  In fact, I hope that someday every person will be able to have one of these in their fridges because it makes that much of a difference in your produce.

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