DIY Valentines Decorations That Use Paper Hearts

DIY Valentine Decorations
I am a BIG fan of DIY Valentine decorations that use paper hearts!  My family and I finally got around to making our DIY Valentine decorations countdown chain on Sunday. It was SO much fun to sit and do the craft with the kids.  They had so much fun! It was fun to see how excited they are about Valentines now with this one little decoration in our house!

DIY Valentine Decorations
There are so many classy DIY Valentine Decorations you can do with paper hearts.  I never knew you could make such cute decorations that cn be used for the month and then thrown away until you can make more next year.  This is also great because so many tastes change year to year and the kids are able to do more as they get older.

Are you looking for Easy DIY Valentine decorations that use paper hearts? These are easy ways to decorate your home in classy ways the family can enjoy!

Here are some great ideas for ways you can make DIY Valentine decorations that use paper hearts.  These will make your house decorated in style quickly and easily!

DIY Valentine Decorations That Use Paper Hearts

Each of these are great ideas for DIY Valentine decorations that use paper hearts to make your home more festive.

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  1. Such sweet kids! So glad they’re excited for Valentine’s Day. Thank you for including the Origami Heart Wreath from Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thank you for sharing it!

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