Guest Post: The Origins and Life of a Coupon

The following is a guest post by Savvy Spending: When I first began couponing, I was really curious as to what happened to my coupon was the cashier put it in her drawer. How and when did it get sent… and where exactly did it get sent to? Was there someone at each store in […]

Tips for Picking a Ham and Freezing It For Later

  Get a leftover ham on clearance and save it for later! one last tip you can cut slices of the ready to bake ham without cooking them. When you want some slices just take em out of the freezer and finish cooking them. Brown em off and they are ready to enjoy.  

Extreme Couponing: How To Save 60-100% on Your Grocery Bill

The new series Extreme Couponing starts tonight. I shared my opinion on the first episode before. I hope the series shows more of real life so people can see what real life living with coupon shopping is really like.  I want each person to save money, and feed their family good meals.  This means saving […]

Saving Money on Groceries Without Coupons

photo credit: rynosoft Saving Money on Groceries Without Coupons Do you want to save money without using coupons?  While I LOVE coupons and use them all the time, I have had many people tell me that they don’t have time for them or they really just need to learn the strategy of shopping at grocery […]

Monthly Grocery Challenge: Using Clearance and Markdowns

photo credit: romana klee I have been doing some thinking and I think a monthly grocery challenge will help us all to be more aware of our grocery budget.  With this being January and many people are trying to be better with their budgeting and money.  I thought it only appropriate that the challenge this […]

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