Simple Living Challenge Day 7: Controlling Toys

Toy Organization One of the hardest things with having kids is that it is SO hard to get the toys under control.  No matter how fast you clean there is always a big mess of them somewhere in your house while the kids are awake.  I decided with this move that I was going to […]


Simple Living Challenge Day 4: How to Declutter

photo credit: tonyhall How To Declutter To see all posts about the Simple Living Challenge, check out the outline page! I am not a natural at organizing, but moving twice in the last 6 months has taught me a thing or 2 I wanted to be sure to share with you. The first step to […]

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How We Do It: Only Have What You Really Need

photo credit: EvelynGiggles First I want to tell you that this post is as much for me as it is for you.  I am in no way perfect at this and if you were to see my house right now, you would wonder why I am writing this.  My house is a mess and filled […]

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